Chemspunge® Wound Dressing.

Chemspunge® Wound Dressings are revolutionizing the Treatment of Wounds and Primary Burn Care world wide.

Are you suffering from any of these painful wounds.
You can be cured by this truly unique miracle wound dressing.

Chronic Static Ulcers,  Varicose Veins Ulcers.
Diabetic Sores,
  Gangrenous Bed Sores,  Wet Gangrene.
Spider Bites,  Dog Bites,  Boils,  Blisters and Septic Sores.
Leper Wounds.
Haematogenous Septic and non Septic Wounds where Oedema Occurs.
Deep Cavities Wounds,  Skin Abrasions and Cellulites'.
Skin Malignant Melanoma,  Abdominal Septic Wounds.
Septic Donor Area and Septic Skin Grafts.

Burns of any degree.
A truly unique miracle wound dressing for burns of any degree.

Manufacturing opportunities are available for selected countries worldwide

Our Philosophy is,  to Love,  to Care,  to Give,  to Share,  to Alleviate Pain and Suffering.

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During 1993 the concept of the "Tea Bag" Wound Dressing was revealed to Susann Chalmers. 

Susann has since traveled the world introducing the product ranges with demonstrations and trials, so proving it's effectiveness.

Please watch the video.